Maternal Child Health Services:

  • Newborn Care & Education: weight checks, general care, rashes.
    • Infant Care 101 Class: feeding, diapering, swaddling and everything you ever wanted to know about babies (0-12 months)!
    • Breastfeeding & Babies Subscription: Have a breastfeeding or newborn question? I’ve got an answer! This subscription includes additional unlimited email and text support beyond the 2 weeks included with your home lactation consult or if you just want the support of an experienced pediatric nurse practitioner from the comfort of your own home. This subscription can be purchased in weekly increments.
  • Child Health Education:
    • Kiddie Care 101 Class: developmental milestones, nutrition, safety & injury prevention, childhood obesity, asthma education and more!
  • Maternal Health Education: postpartum care during the fourth trimester, maternal child health advocacy, mental health resources and self-care strategies. Both classes and workshops are available.

Lactation Services – Breastie Brigade™:

  • HIPAA compliant video and phone consults are available for common lactation concerns:
    • Low milk supply
    • Over supply & engorgement
    • Sore nipples or breast pain
    • Difficult latch
    • Positioning to help with effective milk removal
    • Pumping and storage concerns
    • Planning for your return to work
  • Prenatal and postpartum in-home lactation consults include 2 weeks of text and email support, following your initial visit. 
  • We also specialize in:
    • Breast or bottle feeding of preterm and small for gestational age (SGA) babies.
    • Support groups and consultations for breastfeeding moms of infants with dairy & soy intolerances.
    • Helping moms to navigate breastfeeding into the toddler years.
  • The following classes are offered through Breastie Brigade™ University:
    • Private or group breastfeeding and infant care classes.
  • We are Spectra certified and offer a variety of pumps and supplies for purchase.
  • Online Breastfeeding support group.

Healthcare Consulting Services:

  • Corporate Lactation Program Consulting:
    • Offering solutions for organizations looking to implement a cost-effective lactation support program.
    • Design of private lactation spaces in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
  • Infant & Child Health Consulting:
    • Health promotion & education, nutrition and & obesity program management, medication administration, injury prevention & safety, care coordination and a variety of healthcare professional training classes – custom solutions are available to suit your organizational needs.
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